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First: Without the inspiration from “Life on the Edge: The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology” by Johnjoe McFadden & Jim Al Khalili, I would not begin to try to somewhat understand quantum principles and its posible importance for medicine, perhaps (hopefully much needed) opening the door for a quite other way to prevent and treat biological/medical dysfunction ….

My basic paradigmatic postulate valid for all I write/say: We do not have (can rely on) absolute base knowledge! If we believe education mediate/supply the truth and nothing but the truth, we have misunderstood most (basic epistemology). Knowledge can have different degree of certainty but all of us base our thinking on individuals` personal (and groups interests) paradigms. At the same time common ”effective” sense is often enough in real world, e.g. carefully cross the street! Also real life problem solving often function well – given effective problem solving approach – without absolute knowledge See e.g. https://culturalmedicine.se/health-in-complex-world/hela-not-just-for-medicine-consideration/ (HELLA, not just to be considered in Medicine? | Cultural Medicine) as well as in general Summarized of the paradigm used by Bo von Schéele | Biopsychosocial Medicine (references coming) (https://biopsychosocialmedicine.com/paradigm/summarized-of-the-paradigm-used-by-bo-von-scheele/)

Just started this website, first as documentation of my own trying to understand extreme quantum basic processes while then doing some clinical experiments I later will report on.

(NB the very below is a first draft)
First something perhaps to speculative (at present knowledge level) new to be truth?
Below based on a hypothesis: “Even slight disruptions in quantum enzymatic processes could be associated/lead to medical dysfunction”. In other word; subtle disruptions to quantum enzymatic processes could contribute to medical dysfunction

Quantum Behavior in Cultural Medicine
The difference between organic and inorganic chemistry may be due to catalysts/enzymes where Quantum behaviors plays a crucial role? Perhaps even extremely small inefficiencies in general or locally enzymes can “open up” the development of dysfunction(s)(diseases)?
Can we behaviorally influence enzymatic functionality? Prevent and, if necessary, remedy? To find methods for this, one does not need to understand quantum medicine at all! It is likely that in the future we will find that successful interventions over the millennia can be related to this!

May some of old cultures medicine approaches (NB it seems to some of those working with old traditional medicine “adjust” quantum thinking to support their own thinking, which is the wrong direction to go, my opinion) be motivated of the above be more taken serious to open up for alternative cultural medicine approaches – now more seriously taking into account by the western medicine, e.g. via psychophysiological behavioral medicine approaches including dynamic psychophysiological lab measurements including also integrated neuro- and biofeedback – then to mainly relying on pharmacology, which is mainly not well understood but extremely much used, including patients’ suffering from all side effects while not seldom prescribed without (or limited) an reductionistic examination? (compare e.g. SSRI with 5-HTP (5-hydroxy L-tryptophan) with Bananas)

We can see at cultural medical “overview” that there are certain behaviors that exist in many different cultures, e.g. different breathing strategies (individualized or externally ordered by the medicine man/woman (?) as well as sound resonances and other types of mantra-like behaviors. Performed in groups or individually.

The above reasoning creates a strong interest in cultural medicine after the evolution of quantum related catalysts probably constituted conditions for the beginning of life. We are now talking about not just many hundreds thousands of years, but at least 1-2 billion years when a very simple kind of metabolism started.
Probably, when we examine from a quantum perspective, strategies in all types of living organisms, e.g. we see orientation responses in mollusks without including quantum behaviors? Why? What about microorganisms? What about the medicine of the Western world consider complex aspects of the evolution of living organism until man?
See also https://www.boaim2.se/qm/qm/quantum-medicine-2024/

But WHY quantum medicine?
My brief answer is clinical. Catalysts/enzymes are critical for all (or most) processes. Extremely small enzymatic dysfunctions may have more or less, but always influence health development. This we have understood for many years before we began to understand quantum physics at all, before the quantum physics started … also, probably all evolution of life is dependent on functional “quantum behaviors”, which means that probably all cultures during thousands of years have developed health promoting behaviors where quantum played a decisive role … so the start of human understanding quantum behaviors is very new and still very limited understood BUT it has existed since at least the start of evolution of life or even very loooong before … which may be humble respecting other cultures medicine developmeny during thousands of years … very much worse for us in the western medicine to consider and investigate with “new eyes” …


Older text below but still valid. I think
Have learned gradually about the development within Quantum Physics/Biology/.. associated with Systems Thinking, although really not my professional field, but very needed to try to understand and integrate in within biopsychosocial medicine systems thinking, which is my field with psychophysiological behavioral medicine as clinical paradigm – which may be possible to find ways to approach and integrate Quantum behavioral systems …

First with the evolution of human brain and what we call knowledge (and here knowledge refer to physics, living systems etc., an organism), so far we begin to understand now to explore also ourselves which can be opening up for health promotion as well as unhealth preventing internal and external health threat. We are now in the beginning of reaching a point where we, still far from absolute knowledge, can influence to some extent our own health development. A revolution in the evolution of spices. As human brain, in difference from usual computers , we can elaborate with incomplete information. We can thereby, out of our limited knowledge level, do some apparently constructive work within different kinds of biopsychosocial-cultural medicine. At best realizing, even we experts, that we lack absolute knowledge, requiring humbleness and as experts we need to try to avoid get into a fruitless besserwisser ensnare position.

Considering some from the history;
Aristotle; “Not only do we measure the movement by the time, but also the time by the movement, because they define each other”. https://faculty.uca.edu/rnovy/Aristotle–Time%20is%20the%20Measure.htm

About how to develop human thinking; I refer to Thales and Protagoras about “critical review your own thinking as well as others and ask others (including your own students) to do the same enabling together to further increase our united/sharing understanding …”  see Summarized of the paradigm used by Bo von Schéele | Biopsychosocial Medicine

Furthermore, Protagoras (Also called the father of the humanity) “man is the measure of all things” (https://iep.utm.edu/protagor/) which e.g. in Thomas Kuhn´s paradigm paradigm – subjective and scientific – cover a large extent (?) of world 2 part of Karl Pooper´s three world paradigm (see e.g. Paradigm | Biopsychosocial Medicine).

In the beginning of living systems development, the evolution was blind for the why/how/when/.. things happened, first with the evolution of understanding/science/.. a kind of complex reasoning /problem formulation and solving/metathinking/.. emerged, enabling leaving a complete blind condition – at least as most of us believe.

Some further initial thoughts;
We have now approach thinking in according to discoveries by Newton and Einstein and latest (?) Quantum physics/biology/.. which paradigms have been “al the time” meaning that it may be already approaches developed, e.g. within eastern and western medicine which rely on the above increasing complex knowledge – without have any idea of this not yet discovered complex knowledges? A challenge for us, while it may be old practice, e.g. exercises in Qui Kung we can further refine based on increasing knowledge development – a challenge for Quantum Medicine!

An other though is; “What come next”? Although history teaches us the predictions of the future knowledge development are hard, which do not prevent its “emergence”, we may expect that an important next step is that present fragmentary knowledge base will be systems integrated, facilitating understanding what we already have to reach an understanding of.

Below I will try to be more concreate and in more biopsychosocial-cultural meaningful, useful and practical way. This with a warning; we rest on a very weak platform so far. But my idea is that try to extrapolate from old medicine (probably eastern medicine) approaches which to some extent have resulted in apparently good results and try to understand possible connections with our newest knowledge in quantum physics/biology/medicine/.. and based on these assumptions try to find out if we can further refine such approaches as well as “giving such old approaches more respect” our of a western scientific paradigm.


Right now; I have already written some at Quantum physics/chemistry/biology … | Biopsychosocial Medicine
With a few sub pages ..
AND newer text also at www.boaim2.se/qm/


More text soon coming … (I hope ..)