Impossible possibility, possible impossibility or normal state? Tunneling at Nano level?

Something very wrong in my writing/thinking below?

Materia is really not something compact, not penetrable, or?
I think/believe (very far from physics education) that material is “mostly” space (obviously especially at quantum levels perspective), but not out of our “real life” eyes perspective. If we assume that not visible space is correct, then tunneling could be the normal process while not tunneling is a not natural condition at “basic levels” – depending on the level of information processing?

Can quantum and nano levels/dimensions/… be the normal condition point of departure for basic physics and higher levels not visible – while have different properties depending on level of processing?  Something missing here? And is emergence of decoherence a very complex “thing” associated with levels and positions of the observer vs the actor? really, something we do not understand …

Human brain information processing is a mixture, probably dynamic varying while intertwining spatial and verbal code (see Paivio´s arguments), also something we do not understand (Some Thought on Evolution of Home Sapiens dual code information processing .. | BOAIM2: Bergvik Open Academia for Innovative Medicine Management)

Often, we are reasoning not only out of our (what we believe is our) “conscious” paradigm, that is, out of our idiographic and nomothetic scientifically human brain rational paradigm focus representing our working platform to base our thinking/work on, while we have not access to absolute knowledge! But, perhaps, without realizing it, we are including our spatial reasoning based on our Limbic interpretation of our behavioral processes, reconsolidating and re-elaborating and spatial reasoning not consciously something like what we can be aware of in dreams we are remembering. But can this also include “math elaborations”?  Combination of verbal, digital and spatial codes may be hard to believe and integrate – or?

As it seems that almost every day, there are improvement in quantum and nano “thinking”, we will soon understand more of how the micro and macro (and all between) is interrelated/intertwined. May slowly be upside down compared with how many of us think today?

Quantum dot – – ” Potential applications of quantum dots include single-electron transistors, solar cells, LEDs, lasers,[8] single-photon sources,[9][10][11] second-harmonic generation, quantum computing,[12] cell biology research,[13] microscopy,[14] and medical imaging.[15] Their small size allows for some QDs to be suspended in solution, which may lead to use in inkjet printing and spin-coating.[16] They have been used in Langmuir-Blodgett thin-films.[17][18][19] These processing techniques result in less expensive and less time-consuming methods of semiconductor fabrication” seems to be a “brave new world” in a quite other sense that that of old one (

As nano and quantum worlds seems to be close, we may ask:  “Nanoparticles is typically used for particles in the nm size regime, while quantum dots are those nanoparticles that are in “quantum size regime” characterized by the discretization of the energy levels inside the material”.

What may be of outmost interests for us working in different kind of health care fields is what be the above have for important consequences for our work in terms of analysis/diagnostics/hypothesis diagnosis as well as interventions/(prevention of dysfunctions?

Quantum Biology May Help Solve Some of Life’s Greatest Mysteries “… Al-Khalili and Vedral are part of an expanding group of scientists now arguing that effects of the quantum world may be central to explaining some of biology’s greatest puzzles—from the efficiency of enzyme catalysis to avian navigation to human consciousness—and could even be subject to natural selection”. “The whole field is trying to prove a point,” says Chiara Marletto, a University of Oxford physicist who collaborated with Coles and Vedral on the bacteria-entanglement paper. “That is to say, not only does quantum theory apply to these [biological systems], but it’s possible to test whether these [systems] are harnessing quantum physics to perform their functions.”

Development speed is fast increasing, where we can hope that scientists get time to think/reasoning/.. using both spatial and verbal (dual code) based information processing, as e.g. in  New Biology Healthcare Revolution where Quantum University offer education at all (?) levels …

Already we can buy “Quantum Nutrition Labs Magnesium Powder 400 Mg 4oz”

… old ideas can summarize as “if you know (yourself) how/what/… you think/believe/.. then you can tell someone on the stress in few worlds in understandable terms given the person do not have done academic studies but is quite “street smart” … or?

The above is some loose threads to be tied

This website focus is to increase my own understanding in general but also for knowledge development within my integrated psychophysiological behavioral medicine fields!

More text coming …