Quantum, critical processes in evolution from the beginning?

Since Quantum expressions/behaviors .. are not an invention of man but discoveries of man, we can expect that Quantum expression is a natural expression of many, perhaps all, evolutionary processes in one way or another. Perhaps especially in the mitochondria.

This has several implications, e.g. that even in simple organisms, Quantum expressions/behaviors are likely to be central and perhaps easier to understand, than, if we try to understand complex homo sapiens Quantum processes? In other words, perhaps it is easier to find and understand Quantum expressions in very simple microorganisms. Maybe even within simple microorganisms, e.g. how reproduction and energy metabolism work.

But it also means that probably over millennia humans have developed different types of effective behaviors in which quantum processes play a crucial role, e.g. in many of the different behavioral strategies developed over millennia in traditional medicine, we can probably expect to discover Quantum expressions that can explain processes that we today could greatly benefit from understanding and perhaps further developing in Western contemporary medicine.

In other words, there are certain types of behavioral strategies that are obviously found in many different traditional medical contexts that rely on quantum processes. I am thinking of different types of breathing exercises and different forms of suggestions or mantras etc.

Since often Quantum expressions are associated with the acceleration of processes, i.e. catalytic processes, we can perhaps by manipulating with, for example, breathing behavior, be able to find out how the processes of quantum affect basic basal breathing behaviors (respiration in non-plant organisms as basic equivalent reversed to photosynthesis in plants) and its impact on all the complex different system functions that it has.

A particular area that is extremely interesting is how the brain integrates spatial code with verbal code, actually first spatial and serial code before spatial and verbal code develops in homo sapiens. Since this is something that comes late in evolution, perhaps the last 300,000 to 500,000 years, this can be a major challenge to be able to understand how the actual integration of really such “time-space” processes “takes place”. Extremely interesting for understanding complex biopsychosocial medicine systems integrating processes – in lifestyle medicine for examinations, diagnostics and behavioral interventions.

We have many challenges ahead of us and in principle our knowledge is incomplete in all the nooks and crannies of different scientific fields.

Since we (at least I) can thus expect quantum processes to be an important part of evolution and perhaps most important at the beginning, so perhaps when we discover these at an early stage, we can understand these, today often irrationally perceived processes as natural in their context?