EMF-Quantum medicine

the title should actually be “EMF-Biopsychosocial-physical environmental medicine”
Why EMF-Quantum medicine & possible not well recognized development of biopsychosocial diseases?

Concerning EMF and biopsychosocial medicine issues we cannot exclude EMF is one of many sources which develops different kinds of unhealth and neurobiological dysfunctional development simply while we do have limited knowledge and empirical methodology to integrate quantum medicine into effective investigations. Recent research on different focuses based on quantum biology and its elation to EMF in general but also aging and human development of complex diseases, not least associated with mitochondria functionality, required a humble, Thalesian approach (Quantum physics/chemistry/biology … | Biopsychosocial Medicine ) in future research! Understanding that still reductionism prevent a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach, something we all need to realize (?). Most agree upon that only wiseacre believe they have access to absolute knowledge.

Second, below will my way (out of very much a different scientific/clinical field, try to formulate how I at present (today) be in trying to understand how such a extremely complex multidisciplinary

I will start with a simple picture (which probably soon will be updated in the footsteps of my own work to increase my understanding) …

Lifestyle related diseases/problems  often dependence on more than one (often many, of what some may be assumed but not observed), e.g. hypertension (a sign of dysfunctions, “silent killer” named, see e.g. Towards urgent needed development of increased efficacy in the dynamic diagnostics and treatments of hypertension | Cultural Medicine) but principally all biopsychosocial stress related ones. As dysfunctions and what is observed i terms of symptoms/problems .. can have complex synergies that vary in a varying way between and within individuals over time. This makes it almost impossible to clinically effectively investigate and thereby understand (to some degree) and do functional clinical needed (ideographic) based research. Especially to evidence base what treatment should be used. That´s way we say “evidenced based research and clinical experiences” (which is art present the best we can do with limited knowledge base).

We do plan to do research out of a systems integrated psychophysiological stress medicine paradigm, which try to met (best we can with our present knowledge based) what I discuss above. A kind of “double blind” dynamic measured during different conditions, e.g. also to find out what is mostly subjective- and other (as EMF) sources for patient problems – compared with not EMFs. As so many factors are expected to be involved we have different ways to try to identify at east what may be of superior clinical importance!

NB we have not yet got any founds to support doctoral students (I my self (80+) focus on increasing my knowledge as well with clinical work with complex suffering patients

Anyway, we start up a local (Bergvik, Söderhamn, Sweden) pilot group during coming spring …

(2022-02-15-17) More is to come … I hope …